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Catalog No. 31088
Category Steam Locomotive
Description Frontiersman 4-4-0
Catalog References at 1959

Set 35099 only - not cataloged for separate sale

This locomotive and the old time passenger cars that accompanied it in the 35099 set offered in 1959 were manufactured by Tyco.  In keeping with Gilbert custom, the product marketed by Gilbert had a unique design feature to distinguish it from the Tyco product.  In addition to the unique paint scheme consistent with its S gauge counterpart, the locomotive also had a unique diamond stack as opposed to the funnel stack on the Tyco product.  It has been speculated that the use of Gilbert streamline passenger shells by Tyco in 1959 was part of an arrangement between Gilbert and Tyco which also allowed Gilbert to market the HO Frontiersman set in 1959 using the Tyco produced General locomotive and two Tyco old time passenger cars.

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Daryl Olszeski Collection

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