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Year Catalog No. Description
1957 30332 Hudson Freight (with Whistle)

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57 Hudson whistle set.jpg (79175 bytes)

Set Contents

Item No. Description Category

446 4-6-4 Hudson (with Whistle) Steam Locomotive

520 Northwestern Reefer

517 Mobilgas Tank Car

525 B&O Hopper

516 NYC Illuminated Caboose Caboose

446do.jpg (22270 bytes)
520do.jpg (35272 bytes)
517-Varney-do.jpg (31960 bytes)
Varney Version
517-Gilbert-do.jpg (28006 bytes)
Gilbert Version
525Varneydo.jpg (44961 bytes)
Varney Version
525gilbertversiondo.jpg (29414 bytes)
Gilbert Version
516-NYCVersion-do.jpg (32534 bytes)
Daryl Olszeski Collection (all)

Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

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