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Year Stock No. Description
1959 30115 Sohio Set
Remarks This set was offered through Sohio Oil Company, at that time Standard Oil of Ohio.  The boxing of this set is quite unique in that there was no attempt at displaying the contents.  The individual rolling stock and other items, contained in their own boxes, were simply placed in a larger box with appropriate filler to take up the excess space.  This set was similar in this way to the Cities Service Set and the packaging can be seen in photos on that page.  The photo below shows two 30110 Cities Service set boxes on top of a 30115 Sohio set box. 
30110 Set Boxes
Photo Courtesy of Bob Bretch
Set Contents
Item No. Description Category
31007 B&O Diesel F-3 Diesel Locomotive
33315 Sohio Tank Car Tank Car
33519 B&O Caboose Caboose
Daryl Olszeski Collection
Photo Courtesy of Joe King
Daryl Olszeski Collection