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Year Stock No. Description
1960 30537 Gimbel Special Train Set
Remarks This set differed from the cataloged 30515 set in that it had two additional pieces of straight track.   The artwork in this set has not been renumbered for the 30537 set as was done on the artwork for the 30507Click here to view the 30507 label.
30537 Set Box
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
30537 Box Edge with number
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi
Full set box
Photo Courtesy of Bill Cucchi

Set Contents

Item No. Description Category

31004 Pennysylvania 0-6-0 Diesel Locomotive

33522 B & M Box Car Passenger Car

33527 New Haven Lumber Passenger Car

33506 Pennsysvania Caboose Caboose

Daryl Olszeski Collection (all)